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Join us in Supporting Children with Autism During COVID-19

Nehemiah Autism Center is a non-profit and non-governmental organization that provides care, instruction, and support for children with autism and related disabilities – promoting cognitive, emotional, and relational growth through individualized programs; also teaching the parents to become active participants in their child’s education and development.

During this unprecedented time, we are partnering with Nehemiah Autism Center to support the children and families of under the center. We encourage organizations and individuals to support these families through this difficult time by ensuring their basic needs are met. Find the list of the monthly materials (and financial estimation) required to sustain a family with an Autistic child. We look forward to your commitment to this essential cause.


 No   ItemUnit PriceAmountTotal Amount
1Rice405 per Kg200
2Maccaroni325 per Kg160
3Pasta235 in number115
5Cooking Oil4505 lt450
7Shiro1002 Kg200
8Berbere11 Kg200
9Salt121 Kg12
10Coal2001 quintal200
11Teff4015 Kg600
13Tea leaves172 pack34
14Coffee1401 Kg140
15Soap175 in number85
16Detergents221 Pack22
17Soap (Largo)551 lt55
18Paper Towel153 in numbers65
19Liquid Hand Wash Soap11 Pack32
   Total Amount3,000.00

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