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What is Your employer brand?

Your employer brand mirrors your company’s employee value proposition. Basically, what your company provides for its employees and why candidates should come work for you.  In the modern world, your employer brand allows you to speak in a language your ideal candidate would understand and tapping into a talent source that minimizes your recruitment efforts.

Often times, the difference between attracting the right fit and swimming in a sea of applications that do not match your standards is how you position yourself as an employer. How you market your organization and what you say about it matters. Great candidates often look at what a company stands for before even considering to apply for a position.  Understanding, cultivate and capitalizing on your employer brand will help you reduce costs in recruitment, save time spent scanning CVs and application that won’t fit your values and most importantly improve your company’s brand currency in general.

Moreover, with increasing competition to find best match candidates, employer branding adds an additional value in focusing your recruitment aims at a target audience that not only understands what you are saying but speaks in your language.

Service offering

Our clients are able to increase their company brand awareness

  • Your Good Reputation Magnified

    Our content team will visit your offices and work with you to come up with SEO friendly content, thumb stopping images and develop your brand profile to be posted on our website where over 30,000 job seekers come to find jobs everyday. All content will capitalize on what makes you a choice employer.

  • Cost-saving

    According to Linkdein, a stronger employer brand could reduce about 43% in hiring costs. With IMS your chances of finding your match increases as we are the favoured choice on both sides of the coin. Employers and Job Seekers. Giving us the unique advantage of both advertising your jobs and developing your employer brand.

  • Increased Employee Engagement

    Developing your brand also allows you to increase engagement in your employees. The best part about having a strong employer’s brand is also involving your staff in magnifying your strengths as an employer.

  • Boost your online presence

    Studies have shown that job seekers look up your online presence before applying. This is where the first impressions are created, just like any employer would look into a potential job seeker’s online and social media profile.

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