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COVID – 19 Employment Relevant Directives

Recent directives have been passed to guide the Employer- Employee relationships in Ethiopia. To reduce the reference point, we have summarized the relevant information in this document and will keep providing updates as they develop

From Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs

Workplace Precaution

  • Ensure availability of water and sanitary material
  • Provide adequate protective masks with the necessary training on how to use them
  • Identify shop floors where workers are in close contact/proximity and take meausures to stop or change the practice
  • Eliminate congestion in worker’s transportation services, take the necessary hygine precautions and make sure that windows are open during travel
  • Provide information abour COVID-19 safety measure in writing, pictures and audio/video in languages that workers understand
  • Reduce number of workers using cafeteria/canteen at a time to maintain physical distancing, by extending the service time
  • Avoid face-to-face meetings but conduct communication by means of internet/email or telephone

Administrative and Legal Measures

  • Whereas crisis handling and responsiveness capacity varies between enterprises and sectors, apart from the solutions emanating from each enterprise, adopting solutions/recommendations proposed by third parties is encouraged
  • Freezing any salary increment decisions for the coming 12 months
  • Suspends payments of fringe benefits and allowances such as hardship allowance, transport allowance, house allowance, bonuses and commissions until the problem gets fully averted
  • Based on dialogue between employers and trade unions (employees), revise existing salary scales and implement change in order to support survival of enterprises
  • Allow workers to use their unused annual leaves; and for those who have already fully utilized it, arrange for them to take at least half of their annual leave from upcoming budget year
  • Provide temporary loan for workers who occupy non-essential functions in the enterprise and give letter that assures their return when situations get better

“Recent directives have been passed to guide the Employer- Employee relationships in Ethiopia.”

State of Emergency

Prohibited Actions

  • For every private company governed by Proclamation 1156/2011, it is prohibited to terminate the contract of any employee outside of what is legally stipulated by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.

Set Duties

  • Any public or private institution, both regional and federal, shall give information on COVID-19 to its employees and set up at hand washing facility [soap and water] around the entrance/exit and other relevant places and when possible provide additional sanitary goods that help prevent the transmission of the virus.
  • Any public or private institution, both regional and federal, shall make different working arrangements including introducing shifts, working from home and approving annual leave to ensure that employees are not overcrowded, and the recommended physical distancing is maintained in the workspace.
  • Any federal or regional government institution, public institution and private company governed by Article 1156/2011 of the Labor Law shall facilitate transportation to employees when the presence in the workplace is essential.