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News & Updates

Join us in Supporting Children with Autism During COVID-19

Nehemiah Autism Center is a non-profit and non-governmental organization that provides care, instruction, and support for children with autism and related disabilities – promoting cognitive, emotional, and rela...

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Policy Brief: A Disability-Inclusive Response to COVID-19

The global crisis of COVID-19 is deepening pre-existing inequalities, exposing the extent of exclusion and highlighting that work on disability inclusion is imperative. People with disabilities—one billion peop...

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Why remote working will prove to be difficult in Africa

COVID-19 has forced the concepts of “working from home” or “remote working” into the forefront of the way we work. In Africa, a small minority of jobs are desk jobs that can easily be transitioned into remote w...

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COVID – 19 Employment Relevant Directives

Recent directives have been passed to guide the Employer- Employee relationships in Ethiopia. To reduce the reference point, we have summarized the relevant information in this document and will keep providing ...